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Teacher Marketplace, How does It Work?

Bella Evangelista, Celvin Sipahutar
June 15, 2023 | 1:06 pm
Nadiem Makarim, the minister of education, in a meeting. (Photo: ANTARA)
Nadiem Makarim, the minister of education, in a meeting. (Photo: ANTARA)

Jakarta. In a bid to enhance efficiency in the recruitment of educators, Education Minister Nadiem Makarim has put forward a groundbreaking proposal for the establishment of a marketplace exclusively for teachers.

This innovative concept, set to be implemented next year, aims to address the challenges faced by contract and honorary teachers in the hiring process. However, the government bill pertaining to this initiative will not be presented for discussion in the House of Representatives until October.

The envisioned teacher marketplace will serve as a comprehensive database, encompassing all teachers, including civil servants (ASN) and contractual government employees (PPPK), who have successfully passed the teaching passing grade and graduated from the Teaching Profession Education. The platform will be made accessible to schools across Indonesia, empowering them to hire teachers based on their specific human resource requirements.

Referred to by a senior official at the Education Ministry as a "teachers' talent room," this revolutionary concept aims to tackle the longstanding issues plaguing the recruitment of educators. It arises from recent conflicts between the ministry and regional governments concerning teachers' salaries over the past two years.


"Selected teachers will be included in the database so headmasters, for example, can immediately seek replacements for teachers who are retiring,” said Nunuk Suryani, the director-general of teaching affairs at the Education Ministry.

“The vacant posts can be taken by qualified teachers, that’s the urgency.”

Crucially, this visionary concept is underpinned by a fully-developed system, forged through collaboration with other ministries. By anticipating potential challenges, such as conflicting regulations between the central and regional governments, the proposed marketplace seeks to provide a robust framework for the recruitment of teachers across the nation.

"The idea of the teacher marketplace is to create a talent room, where schools can readily find qualified teachers as per their requirements," she said.

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