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Telecommunication Traffic Set to Spike on Quiet Idul Fitri Thanks to Social Restrictions

Tara Marchelin
22 Mei 2020 | 18:23 WIB
Telecommunication and Information Technology Minister Johnny G. Plate. (Antara Photo/Wahyu Putro)
Telecommunication and Information Technology Minister Johnny G. Plate. (Antara Photo/Wahyu Putro)

Jakarta. The Communication and Information Technology Ministry estimated telecommunication traffic would increase 30–40 percent during Idul Fitri holiday this weekend, as Minister Johnny G. Plate assured the public the country's telecommunication infrastructure is more than ready to handle it. 

"Normally, telecommunication traffic increased 20–30 percent during Idul Fitri. But because of all the social restrictions this year, we estimated the traffic might increase by 30–40 percent," Johnny said in an online press conference on Friday.

According to the minister, the traffic had already increased by 15 percent since many areas started implementing the large-scale social restriction (PSBB) last month.

The ministry will ensure that telecommunication infrastructures at strategic points such as residential complexes, toll roads, public health centers and Covid-19 hospitals are in optimal condition during Idul Fitri. 


"Currently, we have 479,125 units of base transceiver stations [BTS], including 173,294 units of 4G BTS, 188,849 units of 3G BTS and 116,982 units of regular BTS," Johnny said. 

Johnny said the ministry will add more BTS during Idul Fitri and also use mobile BTS to shore up the network.

"According to data from operators, we have 178 units of mobile BTS ready to be used," he said.

The ministry's network operation center (NOC) will work 24 hours a day during the holiday this weekend to monitor telecommunication providers' quality of service (QoS) and ensure high quality voice and internet services. 

"If we find poor QoS in an area, we will ask the provider to repair or improve the network," he said.

Johnny said the average call success rate in the country is currently at 94.21 percent.

Meanwhile, Indonesia's internet connection offers an average download speed of 15.57 Mbps, upload speed of 13.34 Mbps and latency of 27.37 milliseconds.

"The average success rate for streaming YouTube videos is 84.82 percent. The success rate for calls and messaging on WhatsApp is 90.6 percent," he said.

Johnny also appealed for people to cancel the usual celebrations and gatherings on Idul Fitri on Sunday and use video calls to contact families and relatives. 

"We're in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. People should refrain from visiting their families during Idul Fitri to stop the spread of the virus," he said.

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