State-Owned Enterprises Rini M. Soemarno at the IndiHome Digital Learning Program's launch ceremony in Timika, Papua, on Tuesday. (Photo courtesy of the SOE Ministry)

Telkom Optimizes Education Access in Papua


OCTOBER 09, 2019

Jakarta. The State-Owned Enterprises Ministry has launched a digital learning program called IndiHome to improve education access in Papua through state telco Telekomunikasi Indonesia, or Telkom.

The program is aimed at reducing education inequality and improving human capital in the Indonesian part of the island. 

Papua and West Papua, the two easternmost provinces in Indonesia collectively known as Papua, still lag behind the rest of the country in basic educational facilities.

Very few teachers want to be assigned to remote areas in the Indonesian part of the island and textbooks and other supporting materials are often unavailable.

IndiHome Digital Learning Papua will allow students to access formal and informal education material online.

"Schoolchildren in Papua can now do their study on the IndiHome app. [They] can access various materials from any subject at all levels, from elementary to high school. The materials have been written to satisy the Education and Culture Ministry's standards," State-Owned Enterprises Minister Rini M. Soemarno said in Timika, Papua, early this week.

Telkom president director Ririek Adriansyah said the application will help students in Papua to be more competitive domestically and internationally.

"Telkom is committed to support education in Papua by providing the best infrastructure and service. Our goal is to create equal connectivity throughout Indonesia," Ririek said.

Students and teachers will be able to access IndiHome Digital Learning Papua through its mobile app or an official website.

Other than reading materials for students, IndiHome also provides digital, up-to-date manual books for teachers.

The program will also have its own television channel available on Telkom's IndiHome TV called Ruang Trampil ("Skill Room").

The channel will show music, fashion and arts programs that students can use to improve their skills.

Over 200 students from Papua participated in the program launch, including those who tried the digital education classes first-hand.

Telkom said it will also donate Rp 650 million ($45,800) in scholarships, digital learning materials and one thousand free IndiHome Study trial vouchers.

"Thank you to Telkom, a state-owned company, for supporting the government's effort to improve the quality of Indonesia's human capital," Minister Rini said.

She said this pilot project could be expanded to other provinces in Indonesia.