Three Arrested in Jambi Sumatran Tiger Poaching Ring


APRIL 30, 2016

Jambi. Authorities have arrested three alleged poachers who have taken part in an illegal trade syndicate of endangered Sumatran tigers, a police official said on Saturday (30/04) just months after they uncovered a similar case.

Riau Police officers and Jambi Natural Resources Conservation Agency officials on Friday seized tiger skin and bones from the home of the suspects, identified only as A.N., 30, H.E., 40, and R.I., 35, who were apprehended in the border area of Jambi and Riau provinces.

The arrests were made after authorities received reports from local residents who said the three had poached tigers in Jambi and sold their bones and skin in Riau, said Syahimin, Jambi Forest Police chief.

"One of the suspects claimed that they held the permits to trade wildlife but failed to show the necessary documents," he said.

From the three, police officers also confiscated the bones of bears, beaks from hornbills and the skin of snakes and monitor lizards.

"We are still developing our investigations to look for more poachers in Jambi while our Riau counterparts probe the buyers," Syahimin added.

Friday's arrests were the second in Jambi since January, when authorities seized tiger skin from seven illegal wildlife trade suspects.

The World Wildlife Fund has said the Sumatran tiger population declines each year. The organization predicts there is less than 400 Sumatran tigers alive today.