Judha Nugraha (far right), director for Indonesian citizens protection at the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Teuku Faizasyah (center) spokesman of the ministry speaking at the press conference on Wednesday. (Photo courtesy of Foreign Affairs Ministry)

Three Indonesian Ship Crew Abducted off Gabon Waters


MAY 07, 2020

Jakarta. Three Indonesian crew workers were abducted by pirates raiding two Senegalese-flagged fishing vessels in Libreville, off Gabon waters, on Sunday.

The pirates also reportedly kidnapped two Senegalese and a South Korean, as the Foreign Affairs Ministry is looking into the matter and reaching Gabon Government to confirm.

“Our embassy in Abuja, Nigeria, is communicating with Gabon Government. We have not received official information regarding the situation,” Judha Nugraha, director for citizens protection at the Foreign Affairs Ministry, said on Wednesday.

Judha said the pirates attacked two Senegalese-flagged fishing vessels.

The abduction is the second piracy in Gabon waters this year, as reported by the French news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP).

The first incident was in December, when pirates attacked several boats off the coast of Libreville, abducted four Chinese sailors, and killed a Gabonese skipper.

The Gulf of Guinea, connecting Senegal to Angola, is the latest center for piracy attacks in the world. Pirates are targeting various kinds of ships to loot and abduct for ransom.

On April 19, some pirates also attacked a container ship off the coast of Cotonou, Benin, abducting eight sailors.