A tsunami warning was issued for coastal areas in southern parts of Java and Sumatra after a 7.4-magnitude earthquake was recorded in the Indian Ocean, close to the province of Banten. (Photo courtesy of BMKG)

Tsunami Warning Issued After 7.4-Magnitude Quake Rattles Southern Parts of Java Island


AUGUST 02, 2019

Jakarta. Indonesia's Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency issued a tsunami warning on Friday evening after a 7.4-magnitude earthquake rattled southern parts of Java Island. 

The agency, known as the BMKG, said the epicenter of the quake was detected 147 kilometers southwest of Sumur in the province of Banten at a depth of 10 kilometers.

Strong tremors from the earthquake were felt in the capital Jakarta, more than 200 kilometers northeast of Sumur. 

There were reports some buildings in Jakarta had cracked because of shocks from the quake. 

"An early tsunami warning was issued for Banten, Bengkulu, West Java and Lampung due to a 7.4-magnitude earthquake on Aug. 2 at 7.02 p.m. Western Indonesia Time," the BMKG said in a statement on Friday evening.

The agency estimated the tsunami, if it happens, can reach heights of half a meter to three meters. 

The agency provided a list of areas that might be hit by a tsunami resulting from the earthquake. This is the full list:

Southern and northern Padeglang, Panaitan Island, Lebak and western parts of Serang in Banten, western and southern coasts of Lampung, Tanggamus, Tabuan Island, Krakatau Island, Legundi Island, West Lampung, Sebuku Island in Lampung, Ujung Genteng near Sukabumi in West Java, Enggano Island, Seluma and southern parts of Bengkulu.

No casualty or damage has been reported. There was no report of a tsunami in the areas listed above as of 8 p.m. on Friday.