Junior high school students undergo medical checkup before getting Covid-19 vaccine jabs in Depok, West Java, on Sept. 10, 2021. (Uthan A. Rachim)

Twenty pct of Indonesia’s Target Population Fully Vaccinated as Covid Cases Plunge


SEPTEMBER 12, 2021

Jakarta. About 20 percent of the target population have been fully vaccinated as of Sunday while the surge in newly coronavirus cases and deaths are slowing, Indonesian government figures show.

The number of fully vaccinated citizens has reached 41.79 million since the campaign began in mid-January, equivalent to 20.06 percent of the 208 million people the government aims to vaccinate to achieve population immunity against Covid-19.


Overall, 72.9 million people have received at least a dose of the vaccine in the country of 272 million.

The government has ruled that citizens above 12 are eligible for Covid-19 vaccination.

Indonesia has registered 3,779 new cases in the past 24 hours, the lowest daily tally since May 17. New infection figures are typically low during weekends due to reduced testing capacity.

Southeast Asia’s biggest country has recorded 4.17 million cases since the pandemic began.

There were an additional 188 Covid-19 deaths in the one-day period, the lowest daily death toll in nearly three months, to take the total death toll to 138,889.

The total number of active cases has been in a steady decline since the peak in late July, currently standing at 109,869. The last time Indonesia recorded fewer than 100,000 active Covid-19 cases was in mid-June.

The government has loosened community restrictions and allowed school reopening with capacity limit in the past week, but mall visit ban on children under 12 remains in place.

A Health Ministry spokeswoman has argued that school environment is isolated in nature and much safer than shopping malls where children are at higher risks of contracting the virus from other visitors.

In addition, there is no urgency to allow children at shopping malls at the meantime, according to the ministry.