Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi, second from left, and Justice Minister Yasonna Laoly, left, attend the United Nations Human Rights Universal Periodic Review in Geneva, Switzerland, on Wednesday (03/05). (Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

UN Praises Indonesia for Human Rights Improvements


MAY 04, 2017

Jakarta. Indonesia received praise at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, for improvements it has made, such as the ratification of various international human rights conventions.

The UN Human Rights Universal Periodic Review (UPR) workgroup concluded a discussion on Wednesday (03/05) of a human rights report submitted by Indonesia. It advised the country on sustainable efforts to improve and protect human rights.

Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi, who lead the Indonesian delegation along with Justice Minister Yasonna Laoly, said that "after conducting dialog for three-and-a-half hours with the delegations of 103 nations, there was a strong message that each delegation appreciated Indonesia's progress, efforts and commitment to complete the challenges in human rights protection."

"This includes the national level, as well as Indonesia's breakthroughs on the regional and global levels," Retno added, as quoted in a press statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

She said this support encourages Indonesia to innovate more on the implementation of human rights protections in the archipelago.

"Several recommendations Indonesia received in 2012 have been managed within 13 clusters in our UPR report, starting with the ratification of the International Human Rights Convention, to Indonesia's developmental policies, which also underline the development of border areas," Retno said.

The Indonesian delegation had elaborated on several thematic human rights clusters, including anti-torture management, eradicating discriminative regional regulations, warranties on religious freedom, the protection of Indonesian migrant workers, as well as strengthening tolerance and democracy in Indonesia's diverse community.

Retno and Yasonna also explained Indonesia's legal policies to the forum, regarding the death penalty and an amendment to the Criminal Code, as well as the protection of the rights of children, women and the disabled.

Retno praised the 103 countries for their participation, saying that they reflect the great attention from UN member states on Indonesia's efforts to improve human rights.

"Indonesia had definitely urged UN member states to participate in the discussion on Indonesia's human rights report under the mechanism of UN Human Rights Council UPR," Retno said.

The mechanism resulted in more recommendations Indonesia has to follow up in cooperation with various ministries and state institutions.