A Posyandu shelter in Rantau, Aceh, in June 2019 as an illustration. (Antara Photo/Muhammad Adimaja)

West Java Launches Mobile Health Service for Children and Pregnant Women


APRIL 30, 2020

Jakarta. The West Java provincial government is finalizing a plan to launch a mobile healthcare center for children and pregnant women during large-scale social restrictions that are now in place in several cities in the province.

The mobile service has been developed from the integrated healthcare and family planning service, known by its acronym Posyandu, that provides health services – including immunization and basic medical check-ups – and education for mothers and their children.


Posyandu shelters are available at almost every subdistrict or urban hamlet (RW) in Indonesia. 

West Java's Women's Empowerment Agency (PKK) Head Atalia Ridwan Kamil – the wife of Governor Ridwan Kamil – said the restrictions (PSBB) should not stop people from getting services from Posyandu.  

The Posyandu Keliling (Mobile Posyandu) will send health workers to check on children and their mothers from house to house.

"Posyandu's job is to monitor children and pregnant women in a specific area. We're now close to finalizing the Posyandu Keliling concept," Atalia said in a statement on Thursday.

Atalia is optimistic the concept would work with assistance from each city or district's Health Unit.

"It will be a door-to-door service, a big challenge for our officers. We want to continue providing immunization with help from the Health Unit and Puskesmas [Community Health Center]," Atalia said.

The mobile service will also prevent people from crowding Posyandu shelters and infecting each other with coronavirus

She said the Posyandu Keliling program is now a priority in West Java since the provincial government is planning to implement the PSBB in every city in the province.

West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil confirmed the plan after speaking to 17 district heads and mayors who have not imposed the PSBB in West Java on Wednesday.

Ridwan will soon submit the request for the PSBB in all of West Java to the Health Ministry.

"A PSBB at the provincial level will simplify the bureaucracy," Ridwan said.

If approved, the PSBB in West Java would kick off on May 6.