Local villagers, along with a number of environmental groups, believe the Klampok River in Pringapus subdistrict, Semarang, has been polluted. (Antara Photo/Rahmad)

West Java Medicine Manufacturer Cleared of Polluting River

MARCH 17, 2015

Semarang. Central Java Police have cleared a herbal medicine manufacturer of polluting a river in the province, dismissing the concerns of environmental groups and locals as "groundless."

Local villagers, along with a number of environmental groups, reported Sido Muncul to police in January, complaining waste from its factory had severely degraded water quality in the Klampok River in Pringapus subdistrict, Semarang.

On Tuesday, however, Sido Muncul was cleared of any wrongdoing.

"The lab result taken from Klampok River has shown that the substances were far exceeding the applied standard, hence we believe Sido Muncul has not been proven guilty of polluting the river as accused," said Sr. Cmr. Djoko Poerbohadijoyo, director of Central Java's special crimes unit.

Djoko said it was "not true" that Sido Muncul had polluted the river and the accusations against them were "groundless." He also suggested the alleged pollution could have come from other companies operating in the area.

"Why is it only Sido Muncul accused of polluting the river? Why not other factories?" he asked.

Police would summon the complainants to seek clarification, Djoko said.