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Which Cell? Confused Police Detain Transgender Celeb in Drug Case


FEBRUARY 12, 2020

Jakarta. West Jakarta Police said they had no idea where to detain transgender celebrity Lucinta Luna, who was arrested for alleged illegal possession of drugs, until they finally decided to put her in an isolated cell at a detention facility for women on Wednesday.

Lucinta, 30, who was born as Muhammad Fatah, was arrested along with three other suspects at Thamrin Residence Apartment in Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, a day earlier.

While waiting for the police to decide where she would be detained, Lucinta was put in a makeshift cell at the Jakarta Metropolitan Police headquarters.

"I don't know where to detain the suspect, in the cell for men or women," West Jakarta police chief Senior Comr. Audie Latuheru told reporters.

"Who really is L.L? The ID card says L.L. is a woman, but the passport says he's a man," Audie said. 

Hours later, police decided to detain Lucinta in a women's cell for security reasons.

"We have prepared a special cell at a women's detention facility, where the suspect will be detained alone," Jakarta Police's detention and evidence storage director Comr. Barnabas said.

Lucinta is put in the women's cell to prevent her from being bullied by male detainees, he said.

"It's for her own safety. Besides, the men's detention facility is fully occupied while spaces are available at the women's facility. We must ensure the safety of any detainee and protect them from bullying," he said.

Lucinta will spend the next 20 days in the cell but police can extend her detention by a maximum of 40 days before her trial begins.

Lucinta, known as a dancer and singer, was arrested inside her apartment room with ecstasy pills and other types of psychotropic drugs, allegedly belonging to her, in her bag and inside a wastebasket. According to police, Lucinta had subsequently tested positive for drugs.  

Lucinta made her first television appearance in the Be A Man show under the name Cleo Vitri and has since become a celebrity. She's one half of "Duo Bunga" (The Flower Duo) with Ratna Pandita, who had a huge dangdut hit, "Goyang Kembang" (Flower Twerk).

More recently, she became a regular in television gossip shows for frequently changing partners.

Petugas Polisi bersama artis Lucinta Luna (tengah) dalam rilis kasus narkoba di Polres Metro Jakarta Barat, Rabu (12/2/2020). Lucinta Luna ditetapkan sebagai tersangka kasus kepemilikan narkoba dengan barang bukti dua butir pil ekstasi, tujuh butir pil riklona dan lima butir pil tramadol setelah ditangkap di sebuah apartemen di kawasan Tanah Abang. SP/Joanito De Saojoao.
Transgender celebrity Lucinta Luna, center, attended a police press conference in Jakarta on Wednesday after she was charged with illegal possession of drugs. (B1 Photo/Joanito De Saojoao)