Denon Prawiraatmadja, the chief executive of chartered airline Whitesky Aviation and now Inaca chairman. (B1 Photo/Danung Arifin)

Whitesky Chief Executive Chairs Airline Lobby Group Inaca Until 2022


NOVEMBER 01, 2019

Jakarta. The Indonesian National Air Carriers Association, or Inaca, a lobby group for the country's airlines, has elected Denon Prawiraatmadja, the chief executive of chartered airline Whitesky Aviation, as chairman from 2019 until 2022. 

Denon – who served as deputy chairman for unscheduled flights in the previous board – replaced I Gusti Ngurah Askhara Danadiputra, the president director of flag carrier Garuda Indonesia.  


Bayu Sutanto from TransNusa Aviation Mandiri ascended as secretary-general with Wuri Septiawan from AirAsia Indonesia becoming the deputy chairman of scheduled flights.

Arif Wibowo, from Airfast Indonesia, resumed Denon's old position as chairman of unscheduled flights, and Muhammad Ridwan, from My Indo Airlines, became deputy chairman of cargo flights.

The new Inaca board will focus on supporting government programs such as the development of "Five New Balis" and improving connectivity in central and eastern Indonesia.

It will also try to create better synergy with stakeholders to face rising challenges in Indonesia's aviation industry.

"The new leaders will carry out the vision and mission of Inaca. We have played a key role in assisting the government to improve connectivity not only in big cities but also in central and eastern Indonesia, as the Transportation Minister has acknowledged," Denon said in a press conference in Jakarta on Thursday.

Denon said the new management of Inaca will also work together with airport operators, AirNav Indonesia and state energy company Pertamina to make the local aviation industry more competitive and to assist association members in operating their business.

"Aviation operators are facing enormous challenges in the industry. But we believe we can find a way to overcome them," Denon said.

Inaca has prepared a strategy to encourage small local aviation operators to increase connectivity by opening new routes to tourist destinations. This is in response to the government's request for Inaca to support Indonesian tourism. 

"We will help boost tourism by [increasing the number of] scheduled and unscheduled flights. We will work together with relevant stakeholders in the government, including the Finance Ministry, the Trade Ministry and the Industry Ministry, to make our tourism industry more competitive," new secretary-general Bayu said.