Cancer doctors are widening the net for immunotherapy, a hot new class of drugs that enlist the body's defenses in the fight against tumors. (Reuters Photo)

Women Need to Be Screened Early for Cervical and Breast Cancer: Health Ministry


JUNE 11, 2017

Jakarta. The Ministry of Health said on Sunday (11/06) that women in the country need to be more alert and take early detection screenings for cervical and breast cancer.

"With early screenings, cancer can be detected in the early stages and treated promptly, thus increasing the success of treatments," Health Ministry spokesman Oscar Primadi said in a press release.

On Saturday, popular singer-turned-actress Julia Perez passed away after a months-long battle against cervical cancer.

Oscar said her death is a reminder that cancer is a global epidemic. The number of cancer patients around the world, including Indonesia, has continued to increase.

Cervical and breast cancer are on top of the list, threatening the lives of Indonesian women.

According to Oscar, more than 3,700 Puskesmas, or Community Health Centers, are trained to provide services to detect breast cancer and cervical cancer, with the tests falling under the National Health Insurance (JKN) and managed by state-run health care agency BPJS Kesehatan.