Youth Community Tells the History of Batik Through Dance and Music


MARCH 20, 2017

Jakarta. Youth community Kawung Art Culture told the history behind traditional batik patterns through a dance-music-video performance at Galeri Indonesia Kaya in Jakarta on Saturday (18/03).

The performance, titled "Pat(h)ern," focused on conveying the history behind the batik patterns native to Indonesia. The performance conveyed the artists' emotions associated with the seven steps of producing batik fabrics, from waxing (ngolowong) to dyeing (nyolet).

According to actress and dancer Sekar Sari, a member of the art community, the performance tried to show that batik is something more than just fabrics with certain patterns. Each step in the process making it has its own challenges and emotional journeys, she said.

"There is a story and a philosophy of life behind every batik pattern. That's what makes it so special. But the long process of producing batik is also valuable. The process is what inspired us to do this performance," Sekar said in a statement.

Kawung Art Culture is a youth community that was established in Yogyakarta last year. Its founders say the group is focused on reintroducing the cultural history of Yogyakarta to younger generations, which not always know the rich traditions associated with the city.

"Pat(h)ern" is a part of Ruang Kreatif ("Creative Room"), a two-month program by funded by Djarum Foundation's Galeri Indonesia Kaya.