Covid-19 Daily New Cases in Indonesia Is Now the 5th Highest in the World

The rate of new cases increase in Indonesia has doubled that in its previous surge and peak in January.

25 June 2021 | 10:55 AM


Micro-Scale Restriction Still the Best Option Against Covid-19 Surge: Jokowi

The president chose the so-called PPKM Mikro as it could control the virus transmission without shutting down the economy.

25 June 2021 | 09:04 AM


Hundreds Arrested as Rizieq Sentenced to Four Years in Jail

He was already sentenced to eight months in prison last month for holding public events at his Central Jakarta home.

24 June 2021 | 07:28 PM


Mask Up Please: Jokowi Calls for More Discipline as Covid-19 Cases Break Daily Record

The government decides to tighten community-based restrictions to control the pandemic.

24 June 2021 | 02:41 PM


Chicken Swap: W. Java District Offers Unique Vaccination Deal to Reluctant Elderly

Officials in a West Java subdistrict turns to an uncommon tactic by offering a live chicken in exchange for a Covid-19 immunization shot.

24 June 2021 | 10:02 AM


Hong Kong to Ban All Flights From Indonesia on Friday

Hong Kong has announced a ban on all flights, including transit, from Indonesia, which would be in effect on June 25.

24 June 2021 | 09:32 AM


Random Covid-19 Test for Commuters Begins in Tanah Abang Station

Since June 21, commuters passing through major stations in Greater Jakarta have been subjected to random Covid-19 tests.

23 June 2021 | 07:12 PM


Ivermectin is Not a Cure for Covid-19: Minister

State-Owned Enterprises Minister Erick Thohir also warned the public that Ivermectin is a prescription-only medicine.

22 June 2021 | 07:57 PM


Indonesia Elected as FAO Council Member for 2021-2024

Indonesia was recently elected to represent Asia as a FAO Council member for the 2021-2024 term.

22 June 2021 | 04:05 PM


Disqualified KPK Employees Drop Legal Motion at Constitutional Court

The nine plaintiffs consider that their legal motion is no longer relevant.

22 June 2021 | 03:59 PM