McKinsey Confident of Major Indonesian Companies' Resilience Against Pandemic

Corporations could adopt initiatives in digital adoption, regionalization of supply chains, and diversification to fix their performance.

22 June 2020 | 04:42 PM


Your Covid-19 Donations Now Tax Deductible

The government also grants tax cuts to health supplies makers, health workers, and corporations buying back shares during the pandemic.

21 June 2020 | 12:59 PM


Two Capital Assistance Schemes Available for Tourism and Creative Economy Industry

Game developer, craft, fashion, culinary, film, and homestay and businesses in a tourist area have the best chance to get the loans

20 June 2020 | 08:32 AM


Bank Indonesia Cuts Interest Rate, Eyes More by Year End

The decision came after Indonesia experienced its lowest inflation in almost two decades and foreign capital returned to the country.

19 June 2020 | 02:30 AM


Stimulus Spending Faces Delays as Indonesia Braces for Q2 Contraction

The government has allocated $49 billion – 4 percent of the GDP – for a stimulus package under the National Economic Recovery program.

17 June 2020 | 04:19 AM


Indonesia Posts More Surplus as Pandemic Curbs Raw Material, Capital Goods Imports

The trade balance swung to a $2.09 billion surplus in May from a $345 million deficit a month earlier.

15 June 2020 | 03:08 PM


Valvoline Announces Long Term Partnership with Sevilla FC

Valvoline logo appears on the sleeve of Sevilla's first team.

14 June 2020 | 12:38 AM


'She Is Still the Best': Gov't Keeps Nicke Widyawati at Pertamina

Nicke will lead the state energy firm transformation into a holding company of several publicly listed subsidiaries in the next two years. 

13 June 2020 | 02:45 PM


Indonesia Bound for U-Shaped Recovery: Report

Even without a second Covid-19 wave, Indonesia would struggle to reach its pre-pandemic economic trajectory.

12 June 2020 | 04:35 PM


Garuda Secures Approval to Extend Bond Payment

Close to 91 percent of the flag carrier's bondholders approve the extension. 

11 June 2020 | 03:47 PM