Would Political Dialogue on Papua Be on Top of Jokowi's Agenda?

To the government, breaking down Papua's isolation may take precedence to efforts to engage in political dialogue with its residents.

17 October 2019 | 05:31 PM


Starling: Jakarta's Starbucks-on-Bikes

Kampung Prapatan in Senen, Central Jakarta, is the unoffical HQ for Jakarta's "Starlings," or Starbucks-on-bikes.

17 October 2019 | 04:58 PM


Danamon Eyes Top Five Spot and More

Bank Danamon Indonesia is the country's fifth-largest lender by market capitalization and now aims to grow in other metrics.

17 October 2019 | 12:14 PM


By Default, New KPK Law Comes Into Effect Today: Minister

The 1945 Constitution says a bill that has been passed by the DPR and the government will become law after 30 days.

17 October 2019 | 03:27 AM


Garuda Joins SOEs to Help Ailing Merpati

State-owned Merpati Airlines was once a mainstay for people living in remote areas before declaring bankruptcy in 2014.

16 October 2019 | 09:29 PM


36 JAD Members Arrested Since Wiranto Attack

Members of the militant group learn to assemble bombs on social media platforms.

16 October 2019 | 09:13 PM


Made in China

TransJakarta uses the Chinese-made Zhongtong buses on one of its main routes.

16 October 2019 | 09:06 PM


Hazy Shade of Commuting

Forest fires continue to burn in South Sumatra, causing haze and havoc with traffic.

16 October 2019 | 09:05 PM


Charged Up

State utility company PLN has launched a program to build more charging stations for electric cars in the next five years.

16 October 2019 | 09:04 PM


Getting a Head Start

Framed photos of the president and vice president often adorn homes all across Indonesia.

16 October 2019 | 08:59 PM