Jadipandai Provides ‘Entertaining’ Learning Platform

The platform is founded on an idea that education should be available for every element of the society.

28 November 2020 | 06:13 PM


The Chosen Ones: Dieng's Dreadlock-Haired Children

These children are believed to be the descendants of Kyai Kolodete, a clan leader of the semi-mythological kingdom Medang Kamulan.

21 November 2020 | 03:20 PM


National Gallery Exhibits Works of Unorthodox Artist Affandi

Affandi is famous for his unorthodox style and “honest approach” in mirroring the real circumstance facing the society around him.

11 November 2020 | 10:16 AM


More Restaurants Serve Comfort Food in These Stressful Times

Restaurants try to accomodate what the people need at home through comfort food and a more practical serving.

07 November 2020 | 08:47 AM


Pura Luhur Uluwatu Reopens Under Strict Health Protocols

Visitors, guards as well as pilgrims must abide by the health protocols when entering the temple.

31 October 2020 | 04:49 PM


Bali Tourism Struggles to Survive during Pandemic

The tourism sector accounts for around 80 percent of the province’s revenue sources.

27 October 2020 | 05:24 PM


Global Dive Community Shares Insights into Business Survival

Global dive business almost shuts entirely as 95 percent of destinations close their borders, including Indonesia

14 October 2020 | 11:25 PM


Indonesia-Singapore Travel Corridor to Open for Applications in Two Weeks

The corridor allows essential business and official travel between the two countries to resume amid the Covid-19 pandemic. 

12 October 2020 | 09:49 PM


Pandemic Hits Bali's Tourism Harder than the 2002 Attacks

Severe economic impacts from the coronavirus pandemic gave no time for Balinese to remember the deadly bombings 18 years ago.

12 October 2020 | 09:44 PM


Indonesia Adopts Guidelines to Make Dive Safer During Pandemic

The guidelines take advices from Divers Alert Network, a global organization with 2 million members.

03 October 2020 | 02:17 AM