Ferdy Sambo’s Wife Named Murder Suspect

The couple is facing a death sentence for murdering a low-ranking police officer who worked as their assistant.

19 August 2022 | 04:24 PM


Ex-Cimahi Mayor Arrested by KPK for 2nd Time

Ajay Muhammad Priatna was attested on Wednesday morning after he left Sukamiskin Penitentiary in the provincial capital of Bandung.

18 August 2022 | 03:11 PM


Unthinkable: Ba’asyir Appears in Independence Day Ceremony

Ba'asyir has served lengthy jail time for terrorism convictions and for inciting people to establish an Islamic state.

17 August 2022 | 06:54 PM


Boy Gets First Lady, Top Guests to Dance after Independence Day Ceremony

The 77th independence day flag-hoisting ceremony at the State Palace in Jakarta was livelier than ever.

17 August 2022 | 02:59 PM


Oxford to Introduce Southeast Asian Studies Center

The center will focus on forward-looking issues for the region, such as sustainability, technology, and demographic shifts.

16 August 2022 | 06:38 PM


Indonesia Increasingly Gets Recognition in Global Leadership: Jokowi

Growing international trust has brought Indonesia to the pinnacle of global leadership.

16 August 2022 | 02:29 PM


Internet Rage: Alfamart Employee Forced to Apologize to Shoplifter

The alleged shoplifter was angry after a video of the incident went viral on social media platforms and she hired a lawyer to avenge,

15 August 2022 | 07:00 PM


Suspect in $5b Graft Scandal Turns Himself in to Prosecutors

Surya Darmadi and his companies reaped Rp 600 billion in monthly profit from doing business on the illegally-occupied state lands.

15 August 2022 | 04:47 PM


Prabowo Runs for President for 3rd Time as Gerindra Teams Up with PKB 

The coalition means that Gerindra and PKB meet the House of Representatives' threshold to nominate a presidential candidate.

13 August 2022 | 11:16 PM


Pemalang District Head Arrested by KPK

The district head was interrogated at the KPK headquarters in South Jakarta along with 22 other people.

12 August 2022 | 02:06 AM