Coronavirus Cases in Indonesia Soar by 2,300, Jakarta's Total Tops 20,000

Jakarta now has more active cases than East Java, 7,160 against 6,202.

29 July 2020 | 10:32 PM


Jakarta is a High-Risk Zone, Says Covid-19 Task Force

According to the Jakarta Health Department, the city has added 11,838 Covid-19 cases between June 4 and July 26.

29 July 2020 | 05:14 AM


Indonesia Sees Record Number of Daily Recoveries from Covid-19

It's for the fifth time since the outbreak that daily recoveries outnumbered new cases.

28 July 2020 | 08:53 PM


Flattening Active Cases, Record Recoveries Are No Reasons for Complacency

The pandemic could last well into next year if the country kept the current level of restrictions and testing, a scientist warned.

28 July 2020 | 05:26 PM


Covid-19 Cases at Jakarta Offices Jump Ten Times After Reopening

The Jakarta city administration has urged private and public offices in the capital to conduct coronavirus tests on their employees.

28 July 2020 | 01:16 PM


Police General Named Suspect for Helping Fugitive Djoko Tjandra Evade Arrest

Prasetijo Utomo is also charged with obstruction of justice and document forgery.

28 July 2020 | 06:45 AM


Indonesia in Dark about Peak as Coronavirus Cases Top 100,000

Indonesia reported 1,525 new cases of the virus on Monday, taking its total to 100,303.

27 July 2020 | 08:41 PM


Jokowi Asks Covid-19 Task Force to Focus on Eight Worst-Hit Provinces

The eight include Jakarta, East Java, Central Java, West Java, South Sulawesi, North Sumatra, South Kalimantan and Papua.

27 July 2020 | 05:46 PM


Deadline Approaching for Jakarta Waste Plants as Landfill to Reach Full Capacity in 2021

The city administration has pledged to accelerate the construction of intermediate waste treatment facilities to convert waste to energy.

27 July 2020 | 12:47 PM


Disgraced Officer in Djoko Tjandra Saga Yet to Become Suspect

Prasetijo Utomo has been detained by the Internal Affairs Division since July 16,

27 July 2020 | 07:58 AM