Indonesia’s Coronavirus Cases Set to Hit 100,000

Indonesia will become the third Asian country to hit the grim milestone after India and Pakistan.

27 July 2020 | 12:22 AM


Indonesia Adds Over 40,000 Coronavirus Cases in July

Indonesia could add the current list of 23 countries with more than 100,000 cases each by Monday.

25 July 2020 | 10:06 PM


Police Say Metro TV Editor Has Committed Suicide with a Knife He Bought

Yodi Prabowo, 26, has taken an HIV test prior to his death, police said on Saturday.

25 July 2020 | 08:16 PM


It's Negative: Jokowi Escapes Another Coronavirus Encounter

President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo said on Saturday that he has tested negative for Covid-19 after meeting an asymptomatic person last week.

25 July 2020 | 05:45 PM


‘You Can Vote against Me’: Jokowi’s Son Responds to Political Dynasty Allegation

The president also came under criticisms for the looming nomination of his son-in-law, Bobby Nasution, in another mayoral race in Medan.

25 July 2020 | 06:27 AM


Daily Recoveries Beat New Covid-19 Cases for Second Day in a Row

West Kalimantan is the only province who has no active cases as of Friday.

24 July 2020 | 09:43 PM


Indonesia Says Covid-19 Fatality Rate Declines

Indonesia's current Covid-19 fatality rate stands at 4.86 percent, still above the global average of 4.2 percent.

24 July 2020 | 05:23 PM


Indonesia Reports 1,900 New Covid-19 Cases

For the sixth day in a row, Jakarta has reported the most daily cases among the country’s 34 provinces.

23 July 2020 | 08:31 PM


Indonesia Receives 200 Ventilators from US, Australia

Indonesia is expecting a total of 1,000 ventilators from the US government.

23 July 2020 | 06:24 PM


Populist, Anti-Mining District Head in Jember Impeached by Councilors 

The Muslim district head is popular for her tolerant views -- she once held a Ramadan evening meal festive at a Catholic church.

23 July 2020 | 04:31 AM