Covid-19 Recoveries Surge Above 50 pct of Cases in Indonesia

According to the Worldometers website, Indonesia has surpassed China in the number coronavirus cases.

18 July 2020 | 09:14 PM


Grab Your Popcorn: Tangerang to Reopen Cinemas Soon

Tangerang Mayor Arief Wismansyah has allowed movie theaters to reopen on Jul. 29.

18 July 2020 | 09:18 AM


Two Police Generals Removed from NCB Office over Red Notice Scandal

Graft convict Djoko Tjandra has been given clearance to enter the country by senior police officers and immigration officials.

18 July 2020 | 02:01 AM


Indonesia's Coronavirus Cases Set to Outnumber China's

Indonesia has been averaging around 1,600 cases per day since the start of the month.

17 July 2020 | 08:14 PM


UK's New Immigration System Paves Way for Indonesian Professionals, Students

The points-based immigration system will treat people of all nationalities equally, the UK government has claimed.

17 July 2020 | 03:27 PM


Judicial Commission Secretary-General Dies after Being Treated for Covid-19

Earlier this week, the commission conducted Covid-19 testing for two consecutive days involving 225 employees.

17 July 2020 | 02:44 PM


Jakarta Reemerges Epicenter in Indonesia’s Covid-19 Outbreak

The capital city has added more Covid-19 cases than East Java in the past seven days.

16 July 2020 | 11:14 PM


From Red Notice Removal to Covid-19 Free Certificate -- How a Graft Fugitive is Treated So Generously

It’s simply a story of a man beating the country’s whole justice system.

16 July 2020 | 07:53 PM


Police General Detained for Helping Graft Fugitive Djoko Tjandra Travel Home

Djoko has been wanted by prosecutors for more than a decade.

16 July 2020 | 03:09 AM


Indonesia Closes in on China as Coronavirus Cases Cross 80,000

It was also the deadliest day in the Indonesian outbreak so far, with 87 Covid-19 deaths to bring its total death toll to 3,797.

15 July 2020 | 09:27 PM