Olympic Gold Medalists Promised Rp 20m Monthly Allowances, for Life

The government will pay bonuses of Rp 5 billion ($376,000) and pension allowances of Rp 20 million per month to gold medalists at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

22 June 2016 | 04:15 PM


Rough Seas, High Winds Delay Search for Flight MH370

Rough seas and strong winds have delayed the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 in the Indian Ocean, prolonging the search until August in one of the world's greatest aviation mysteries, investigators said on Wednesday (22/06).

22 June 2016 | 03:28 PM


North Korea Missile Test Reaches New Heights, Threat to Japan Intensifies

North Korea launched what appeared to be a second intermediate-range Musudan missile on Wednesday (22/06) that flew about 400 km, in what appeared to be its most effective test yet, hours after another launch failed, South Korea's military said.

22 June 2016 | 03:18 PM


Gains Against Islamic State Not yet Enough, Could Backfire: US Officials

President Barack Obama and some administration officials have hailed recent military gains against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, but other US officials and outside experts warn that the US-backed air and ground campaign is far from eradicating the radical Islamic group, and could even backfire.

22 June 2016 | 03:07 PM


Govt Cancels Plan to Form National Cyber Agency After Budget Concerns

The government has canceled the plan to form the National Cyber Agency, aimed at protecting its institutions from wiretapping, due to state budget efficiency, Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reforms Yuddy Chrisnandi said on Tuesday (21/06).

22 June 2016 | 02:18 PM


Indonesia to Repatriate Sri Lankan Asylum Seekers

The Indonesian government is mulling to repatriate 44 Sri Lankan asylum seekers to their country as they will not be able to continue the sailing trip to Australia in such bad weather circumstances, Aceh Governor Zaini Abdullah said on Tuesday (21/06).

22 June 2016 | 01:25 PM


Bitung Mayor Headstrong for Town’s Tourism Potential

In a move to boost Indonesia’s tourism sector on a global scale, Bitung mayor Maximilian Jonas Lomban claimed his North Sulawesi city is prepared to become the next gateway for Asia Pacific.

22 June 2016 | 12:38 PM


US in New Talks With Venezuela Amid Worsening Crisis

The US government sent veteran diplomat Tom Shannon to Venezuela on Tuesday (21/06) to meet senior opposition and government figures amid a brutal economic crisis and political impasse in the South American OPEC nation.

22 June 2016 | 12:15 PM


Peru President-Elect Jokes About Ending Ties With US If Trump Wins

Peru's president-elect Pedro Pablo Kuczynski said amid laughter on Tuesday (21/06) that his government would sever ties with the United States if Republican Donald Trump wins the US presidential election in November.

22 June 2016 | 11:51 AM


Brexit or Bremain? Scholar: No Effect for International Students

The United Kingdom will face its second history-altering referendum of the decade — following the 2014 Scottish independence vote — on June 23, with the country deciding if it will Bremain in the European Union or Brexit the bloc.

22 June 2016 | 11:07 AM