How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Stop Pangolin Trafficking

In the last decade, more than 26,000 pangolins have been illegally traded from Indonesia to Hong Kong, Vietnam and China.

19 February 2020 | 04:46 AM


Google Says Indonesia's Digital Economy Will Be Worth $124.1b by 2025

Indonesia's digital economy has become the largest in Southeast Asia with thousands of traditional businesses entering the online world.

18 February 2020 | 05:41 PM


Big Data Can Become Indonesia's Gold Mine: Gov't

The government has joined hands with online marketplace Shopee to unlock new potentials in data analytics.

18 February 2020 | 02:37 PM


Jakarta's CTI IT Infrastructure Summit to Preach Gospel of Platform Technology

More businesses, not just startups, should adopt an effective platform strategy.

13 February 2020 | 08:40 AM


Indonesia Expects to Adopt Data Protection Law Sooner

Indonesia is lagging behind because there are already 126 countries in the world who have adopted the general data protection regulation..

10 February 2020 | 04:17 AM


Indonesia to Commence Satellite Project for Nationwide Internet Coverage

The Satria satellite is expected to go to the launch pad in the fourth quarter of 2022.

05 February 2020 | 09:28 PM


GrabKios Aims to Add 1 Million MSME Partners

GrabKios currently partners with 2.8 million shop owners and entrepreneurs from 505 districts and municipalities across Indonesia.

31 January 2020 | 03:57 AM


Qualcomm, Amazon Seek Investment Opportunities in Indonesia

The government invited the companies to invest in Indonesia's $34 billion project to build a new capital city in East Kalimantan.

24 January 2020 | 03:41 PM


Local Engineer Draws Praise, Wins Awards for Curved Long-Span LRT Flyover

Adhi Karya's curved long-span LRT flyover uses a design from a local engineer that trumps three other designs from a French consultant.

06 January 2020 | 09:49 PM


Indonesia Introduces First Medium Range Drone to Tackle Terrorism, Forest Fires

Dirgantara Indonesia claims the drone is capable of cruising to up to 20,000 feet and staying in the air for up to 30 hours.

30 December 2019 | 03:44 PM