Life beyond The Wall

US President Joe Biden has predicted that Jakarta was in danger of sinking in the next 10 years

18 August 2021 | 11:55 PM


Municipal Cleaner Shows off Talent for Independence Day

Gunawan has converted a wall along the Tebet flyover in South Jakarta into a street mural canvas for over five years.

17 August 2021 | 07:56 PM


Children in Cilincing Commemorate Independence Day

Despite its simplicity, the children were fired up to show their love for the country.

17 August 2021 | 01:55 PM


Catholic Retreat Center Converted into Covid-19 Isolation Ward

The Catholic facility receives Covid-19 patients regardless social status, ethnicity, and religion.

17 August 2021 | 03:19 AM


Lockdown Heroes Donate Healthier Pandemic Diet than Instant Noodles

Adrian Reza and his friends initiate Sayur Gratis Surakarta to help those in self-isolation and without an income due to lockdown.

16 August 2021 | 01:13 PM


Sukoharjo’s Super Isoman Unmasked

Agus Widanarko wears Super Isoman costume to entertain self-isolating children in Sukoharjo, Central Java.

14 August 2021 | 09:48 AM


People with Severe Mental Illness Get Covid-19 Vaccine

The campaign was arranged by humanitarian group Jamrud Biru Foundation, who provided its care facility as the vaccination site.

06 August 2021 | 02:01 PM


North Jakarta Cemetery Sees Fewer Covid-19 Burials

Indonesia has seen daily Covid-19 death toll top 1,000 over the past week, the deadliest period since the pandemic started.

25 July 2021 | 01:22 PM


Bogor Volunteers Brave Enough to Handle Bodies of Covid-19 Victims

Many Covid-19 patients have died while self-isolating at homes and no one dares to tend to their bodies, except this team.

17 July 2021 | 09:41 PM


Jakarta Residents Queue For Oxygen Amid Covid-19 Surge

A long queue of residents waiting for oxygen refill is seen on Jalan Minangkabau Barat, South Jakarta.

15 July 2021 | 07:39 PM