Philippines' Duterte Approves Up to $2 Billion Global Bond Issue

Rodrigo Duterte has approved the government's plan to raise up to $2 billion from the overseas debt market to fund this year's record budget.

11 January 2017 | 08:30 PM


Obama Pushes Values and Prods Trump in Final, Emotional Address

With a final call of his campaign mantra "Yes We Can," President Barack Obama urged Americans on Tuesday (10/01) to stand up for US values and reject discrimination as the United States transitions to the presidency of Republican Donald Trump.

11 January 2017 | 08:28 PM


Imlek Preparations

Merchants in Glodok, West Jakarta, on Wednesday (11/01) sell decorations and accessories for the upcoming Chinese New Year known as Imlek. (JG Photo/Yudha)

11 January 2017 | 08:22 PM


World Bank Keeps Indonesia's Growth Forecast Despite US Policy Uncertainty

The World Bank maintains Indonesia's economic growth forecast at 5.3 percent this year and 5.5 percent next year.

11 January 2017 | 08:14 PM


Tiger Airways Australia Flights Suspended by Bali Civil Aviation Authority

Directorate General of Civil Aviation has announced that foreign airlines operating in Indonesia must comply with the country's aviation safety regulations.

11 January 2017 | 08:10 PM


Sulu Sea Kidnappings a Threat to Merchant Shipping: Report

The Sulu Sea between eastern Malaysia and the Philippines has become dangerous for merchant shipping due to rising threat of kidnappings.

11 January 2017 | 08:00 PM


Nicaragua Pledges to Fight for Taiwan Recognition on Global Stage

Nicaragua on Tuesday said it wanted to secure bigger international recognition for Taiwan during a visit by President Tsai Ing-wen.

11 January 2017 | 08:00 PM


West Java Police Summon Habib Rizieq Again for Alleged Insult Against Pancasila

West Java Police have issued a second summon for FPI leader Habib Rizieq Shihab to be interrogated for allegedly insulting Pancasila.

11 January 2017 | 07:54 PM


Arema Retires Shirt Number 47 in Tribute to Legendary Goalie Achmad Kurniawan

Arema has paid a tribute to its legendary goalie Achmad Kurniawan, who died from illness on Tuesday (11/01), by retiring his shirt number, 47.

11 January 2017 | 07:05 PM


German Ministers Agree Tougher Rules for Migrants Posing Security Risk

German interior and justice ministers agreed on tougher measures for asylum seekers whose docs are not in order or who are deemed to pose a security threat.

11 January 2017 | 07:00 PM