China Tourism Body Backs Boycott of Japanese Hotel Group APA

China's tourism administration urged tour operators to sever ties with a Japanese hotel chain amid a row over the hotelier's denial of the Nanjing massacre.

24 January 2017 | 03:24 PM


More Businesses Must Work With Suppliers to Curb Climate Change: Study

Too few businesses are working with their suppliers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to study that praised 29 companies for taking the lead.

24 January 2017 | 03:20 PM


Goldman Sachs Files $1b Countersuit Against Indonesian Businessman

Goldman Sachs filed a $1 billion counter lawsuit on Tuesday (24/01) against an Indonesian businessman who is seeking damages from the US bank for conducting what he called "unlawful" trades in the shares of a property firm.

24 January 2017 | 02:35 PM


Govt to Turn Nusakambangan Prison Island Into Cattle Farm

The government is planning to develop Indonesia's notorious prison island Nusakambangan into a cattle farm next year.

24 January 2017 | 02:21 PM


Asian TPP Nations Pledge to Salvage Trade Accord After US Exit

Australia and New Zealand hope to salvage the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) by encouraging China and other Asian nations to join the trade pact.

24 January 2017 | 12:49 PM


World Must Not Miss Early Signals of Any Flu Pandemic: WHO

The WHO calls on all countries to monitor closely any signal of the start of a flu pandemic.

24 January 2017 | 12:41 PM


Re-Opening Nafta Could Revive Debate Over What Makes a Car 'American'

Some of the most popular and profitable vehicles sold in the United States by Detroit's automakers are imported from Mexico.

24 January 2017 | 12:30 PM


Taliban Tells New US President Trump to Quit Afghanistan

The Taliban has called on President Donald Trump to withdraw US forces from the "quagmire" of Afghanistan.

24 January 2017 | 12:18 PM


Indonesian Police Deny Smuggling Weapons From Sudan

The Indonesian National Police have denied that their peacekeeping force was involved in smuggling weapons from Sudan.

24 January 2017 | 12:08 PM