OJK Employee Detained for Alleged Bribery

D.I.W is the second OJK employee to be named a graft suspect by prosecutors.

22 July 2020 | 04:19 PM


Buyung Poetra Stays on Expansion Mode Amid Pandemic

The company is building a new rice processing plant in South Sumatra to boost production capacity by 27 percent by next year.

22 July 2020 | 01:37 PM


Jakarta’s Coronavirus Cases Top 17,000 after a Record Daily Rise

Jakarta has been averaging around 280 cases per day since the start of the month.

21 July 2020 | 09:40 PM


Jakarta Nightlife Workers Beg Governor for Business Reopening

Nightclubs workers say they can afford further closure of their workplaces, which have been shut temporarily due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

21 July 2020 | 05:39 PM


From Slum to Slum: Evicted Railway Land Occupiers Move to Tents

Hundreds of Kampung Bandan residents move to tents after railway operator KAI evicted them from their homes.

21 July 2020 | 04:36 PM


These 18 State Agencies, Committees Have Been Disbanded

More ineffective state agencies will follow according to proposal from the Bureaucratic Reform Ministry.

21 July 2020 | 03:42 PM


Jokowi Tasks Airlangga, Erick With Fixing the Economy and Defeating Covid-19

President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo has concocted a new committee tasked with dual aims of maintaining the economy and beating the pandemic.

21 July 2020 | 11:56 AM


Jakarta Reports Most Covid-19 Cases, Surge Continues in Central Java 

Jakarta has reported higher daily cases than East Java five times in the past seven days.

20 July 2020 | 08:25 PM


Jokowi’s Son May Go Unchallenged in Solo Mayor’s Race

All but one party have thrown support behind Gibran, meaning that the only way to challenge him is through independent candidacy.

20 July 2020 | 05:51 PM


Maxx Coffee Opens Second Store in Singapore

the global expansion kicked off earlier this year with a store at the National University of Singapore (NUS). 

20 July 2020 | 06:59 AM