AACC Priority Issues: The Spirit Of Bandung, Solidarity, And Palestine


APRIL 21, 2015

AACC2015, Jakarta - The Asian-African Conference Commemoration (AACC) in Jakarta and Bandung focuses on three issues, namely the Spirit of Bandung, the Asian-African solidarity, and the support for Palestinian independence.

It was conveyed by the Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) on Monday (4/20). According to her, all of the AACC delegates have unanimously expressed the support to the Palestinian independence. In addition, they agreed to provide capacity building assistance to the Palestinians. "Political support has been submitted to the Palestinians and it will be continued with the cooperation in various fields, including economy and social-culture," she said.

The AACC participants have also reached agreement on the issues of terrorism, human rights, climate change, and human trafficking. “The participants show enthusiasm during the very productive discussion. The new cooperation strategy is also needed by the countries in Asia and Africa to achieve successful development both economically and politically,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Desra Percaya said the discussions to complete the AACC document was done in New York because Indonesia does not have representatives in all of African countries.

Mr. Percaya confirmed the efficiency and effectiveness considerations become the main reasons in choosing the city of New York as the location to discuss the AACC draft. According to him, all of the 109 participating countries in AACC have representatives in the UN Headquarters. “Up to now, about 90 percent of AACC documents are already discussed in the UN guided by the Spirit of Bandung. [We] keep the spirit of free and active politics,” he said.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry’s Director General for Asia Pacific and Africa Yuri Thamrin said all of the AACC delegates have agreed to promote the Spirit of Bandung. “The AACC participants prioritize the capacity development of the Asian and African countries in the fields of economy, politic, and socio-culture," he said. (Photo: Sinar Goro Belawan, Translator: Filmon Warouw, Editor: Gusti Andry)