Barelang Bridge International Marathon

Barelang Bridge International Marathon

DECEMBER 09, 2017

Jakarta. Batam in Riau Islands is set to conduct he second Barelang Bridge International Marathon on Dec. 10.

The marathon, supported by the Ministry of Tourism, is a cross border event, open to countries from all over the globe, which aims to attract more foreign tourist to the region.

Runners from 7 countries have been confirmed to be participating in the marathon, including Singapore, Malaysia,India, Kenya, Germany, the United States and Indonesia.

Participants will be running along the Barelang Bridge, a chain of bridges connecting the islands of Batam, Rempang and Galang.

The marathon runners will be challenged by the course that has them running through the 4 bridges that connect the Batam, Tonton, Nipah, Setokok, and Rempang Islands, with the course categorized into distances of 42 kilometers, 21 kilometers and 10 kilometers.

Unlike other marathon events where runners are likely treated to a view of endless concrete and roads, runners participating in the Barelang Marathon will be treated with the pleasant vistas of Batam.

The Barelang Bridge International Marathon is hoped to re-spark an interest among people for exercise, especially running, and promote tourism for Batam as it one day hopes to be a global destination for running with Barelang Bridge as its icon.

Tourism is very important for the city of Batam. Being a city within a cross border area, Batam has great potential and advantage in attracting tourism from all over the world. The Marathon’s success will hopefully pave the way for bigger and better marathons to come, and attract even more people from all over the world to visit Batam and participate in the event.