A Chance to Throw Cream Pies in the Name of Charity

MAY 20, 2015

pies in the face

Let’s be honest, we are all guilty of mentally picturing ourselves throwing a pie at someone’s face; be it your friend or foe, your colleague, your boss, your frenemies or a celebrity. Here is your chance to turn fantasy into reality — all for a good cause! Pies In The Face Charity 2015 by Count Me In returns for the second time Saturday, May 30th, at the FX Sudirman VIP Parking Lot starting from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. – an event where participants are permitted to smack pies on the faces of nominated volunteers for a price.

The game plan is simple — nominated candidates are seated on stage wearing protective gears to minimize mess — a salon apron, hair cap and overshoes — then participants who placed their contributions will pick up a plate of whipped-cream pie and toss it either 3 meters away for Rp 50,000 ($3.80) or smoosh it directly on the person’s face for Rp 100,000.

All the proceeds will be equally divided to Taman Bacaan Pelangi (the Rainbow Reading Garden) — a non-profit organization which has established 29 children’s libraries in 14 remote islands across Eastern Indonesia and Komunitas Taufan (Taufan’s Community) — established for the moral, educational and financial support for underprivileged families and sick children in Jakarta’s local hospitals and foundations.

“This year, we will use the fund for not only buying a new collection of books to stock libraries, but also to renovate them, so the kids will have an even more cozy and fun place to read in their village. A place that they will remember for the rest of their lives as a source of inspiration or the “door” to a new world,” said Nila Tanzil, founder of Taman Bacaan Pelangi, also a nominated candidate.

In addition, Yanie Dewi Mulyaningsih, founder of Komunitas Taufan will be using the funds to support the patients and families’ need such as milk, diapers, medicines, transporation costs and more. “It is so great to see the public rallying up to help us!” said Yanie, also a nominated candidate.

Count Me In aims to double 2013’s result of 200 pies thrown in just two hours on Saturday May 30.  Pictures by: Count Me In

In 2013, Pies In The Face made a huge sticky mess and raised Rp 32 million in just 2 hours with more than 200 pies flying around. Count Me In aims to double the target this year.

Participants will have the chance to bid and smack pies on the faces of prominent and influential people like activist and musician Melanie Subono, stand up comedian Ernest Prakasa, Riyanni Djangkaru chief executive and co-founder of DiveMag Indonesia, Miss Indonesia 2014 Maria Rahajeng, producer and director Daniel Ziv and more.

“It is such a fun thing to do for the weekend and in the name of charity. All the more reason to drop by,” said well-known TV Anchor, Marissa Anita who is also nominated to be ‘pied. “I also believe in the education and welfare of children in Indonesia, which interested me even more to be a part of this worthy cause!”

The pies are 100 percent made of whipped cream. “I don’t really give much time to the ‘waste whipped cream’ complaint,” said Scott Hanna, co-founder of the event and chief whipped cream taster. “Firstly, we recycle the stuff to the point of —let’s call it a ‘sanitation concern.’ Secondly, parties and events use stuff — there are half-eaten bananas and half-drunk water bottles at charity runs but no one is decrying those. We are as efficient as we can be, and I think the ‘footprint’ of some whipped cream is the least of Indonesia’s greatest environmental threats.”

Pies in The Face has received support from various organizations such as Nanny’s Pavillon and Vivo for the whipped cream pies and the Foundation of Mother and Child (FMCH) and Crown for preparing the protective gears and towels. Other supporting organizations include FX, Indorelawan, Crossfit Bengkel, Habibie Center, Fortuna U and more.

“We’re more about the volunteer aspect than the cash! It’s beautiful” said Zack Petersen, also co-founder of the event. “I can’t wait for May 30th, it’s going to be the messiest volunteer event this city has ever seen.”

Count Me In is looking for volunteers willing to be part of the #PiesInTheFace2015 crew. Volunteers are needed to make the pies; or also known as "the Whipped Crew", help candidates clean themselves or "the Wet Crew" and to assist candidates with their protective gear or "the Protector Crew". Volunteers are also needed for a special category deemed “the Attention Seekers” to help gather a large crowd and keep up the atmosphere and mood of the day.

For any potential volunteer who may be interested, please send and e-mail to mayamartinie@gmail.com or d.pridhnani91@gmail.com.

During the event, participants can also donate second-hand Indonesian books for children to Taman Bacaan Pelangi and/or diapers for children or second-hand strollers to Komunitas Taufan.