Children, Teens to Require ID Cards: Home Affairs Minister


FEBRUARY 11, 2016

Jakarta. Starting this year, Indonesian children and teenagers under the age of 17 will be required to obtain a special identification card, Home Affairs Minister Tjahjo Kumolo said on Thursday (11/02).

Currently, only Indonesians aged 17 years or above or minors who are already married are required to have an identification card known as the KTP. But Tjahjo said this year his ministry is introducing the Child Identification Card or KIA.

“KIA is the official identity [card] for children, for those below 17 years of age and are not married yet,” Tjahjo said.

It is unclear when the new requirement will be in place.

The minister said the card will allow the government to update data on Indonesia's children and teenagers, which will be used to determine their eligibility for certain public services, government programs and legal protection, adding that his office has recently enacted a ministerial regulation on the matter.

There will be two types of KIAs , Tjahjo continued; one for children under five years of age and one for those between five and 17. It is not clear whether the two identification cards would have to be renewed after a period of time.

Tjahjo said that for newborns, the civil registration agency will issue their KIAs along with their birth certificates.

For others, parents must bring the child's original birth certificate, plus a copy of the parents' or legal guardians' original ID card and their original family card.