Govt Extends e-KTP Data Recording Period to Mid-2017


SEPTEMBER 13, 2016

Jakarta. The government deadline to record data and distribute electronic identification cards, known as e-KTP, has been extended from this month to mid-2017 in an effort to sign up the millions across the country left uncovered.

“There are still many citizens who have yet to record [their data for] e-KTP,” Home Affairs Minister Tjahjo Kumolo said in Semarang, Monday (12/09).

According to ministry figures, 22 million people are yet to have recorded their citizenship data. The availability of the cards themselves has been a problem in several regions, but the ministry has assured the extended deadline will aid in getting the cards to those communities.

Earlier probes found that some regions had more unused cards than those distributed.

Semarang mayor Hendrar Prihadi said many residents had complained about the process, saying it was taking too long.

"We have coordinated with the ministry to request the e-KTP cards from the central government," he said.

Of Semarang's 1.2 million residents, 69,000 are yet to record any data and a further 20,000 still waiting to receive ID cards.

"The ministry has only given 8,000 ID cards. We still need at least 89,000 e-KTP," he said.