Indonesian Military Commander Inspected The Final Preparation Of VVIP Security Task Force


APRIL 21, 2015

AACC2015, Jakarta - Indonesian Military (TNI) commander Gen.Moeldoko and National Police Chief Comr. Gen. Badrodin Haiti inspected the final preparation of VVIP Security Task Force (Satgaspam VVIP) to secure state guests during Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of Asian-African Conference  and 10th Anniversary of the New Asian African Strategic Partnership (NAASP), in the National Monument (Monas) square in Central Jakarta, Wednesday (15/4).

The TNI commander emphasized the importance of AACC because the event relates to Indonesian reputation as the host country in the eyes of the world. "We have prepared everything, including training for the security personnel, preparing for tactical and combat vehicles, and others. All of these are to give sense of comfort and safety to the guests," said Gen. Moeldoko, when leading the inaguration ceremony of  Satgaspam VVIP.

The Indonesian Military (TNI) will deploy 16,631 personnel to secure VVIP guest ini AACC. The personnel  consists of 300 people from the Joint Security Command (Kogabpam), 500 people from Security Task Force Command (kosatgapam), 4,256 people from VVIP Security Task Force (Satgaspam VVIP), 3,550 people from Regional-1 Security Task Force, 3,150 people from Regional-2 Security Task Force, 5,416 people from VIP-1 Security Task Force, 3,136 people from VIP-2 Security Task Force, 750 people from Special Security Task Force, 1,000 people from Marine Task Force, 600 people from Air Defense Task Force, 1,300 people from Air Task Force (1st Air Force Operation Command), 762 people from intelligence Task Force, 150 people from the Regional II (Sriwijaya) Military Command Task Force, 150 people from Regional IV(Diponegoro) Military Command Task Force, and 750 people from Standby Task  Force.

The inspection ceremony was aimed to physically check the readiness of personnel, equipment, and primary weaponry defense system in every unit involved in AACC security arrangement and to directly inspect the preparation, including the arrival and departure of the state guests and during AACC. ”Thus, we can guarantee that all personnel, equipment, and primary weaponry defense system are accountable and ready both in quantity and quality,” he said.

The inspection was also expected to provide assurance to the government that every personnel of Indonesian Military and National Police in every task force and command have been synergizing in accordance to their duty and responsibility to ensure the AACC to run orderly and safe. "The military and the police will not let any party disrupt the conference which has been prepared well," he said.

TNI Commander urged all TNI-Polri officials and personnel not to hesitate in tackling problem and to always monitor the situation in the field. "In carrying out the tasks, each personnel must always uphold the principles of neutrality, assertive, and professional, in accordance with standard operating procedures and ethical code in conducting security measures, maintaining self-control and emotion," said the Commander.

Furthermore, personnel in AACC Joint Security Command (Kogabpam) is expected   to continuously monitor the situation development and coordinate with the National Intelligence Agency (BIN), the TNI Intelligence Service, and local intelligence unit to obtain correct and accurate information. "Every personnel must monitor situation in their respective area and report it quickly if there is problem so that we can follow it up immediately," he said.

He added that the event is the actualization of Bandung Spirit in 1955 to respond the challenges faced by Asian and African countries through concrete partnership and cooperation. “AACC must become a success since the summit holds Indonesia’s reputation, dignity and honor in international world,” Gen. Moeldoko concluded. (Photo: Antara, Translator: Sugiarti, Editor: Gusti Andry, Filmon  Warouw)