Iran President : Islam, Christianity And Judaism No Different


APRIL 23, 2015

AACC2015, Jakarta – President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Hassan Rouhani said, respect for different religions, ethnicities and races is the foundation for overcoming terrorism. Concrete action must be taken by religious leaders to prevent terrorism and achieve tolerance.

"In preventing terrorism, there is no difference between Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism nor Africa, Asia and Europe. Religion must not become a political instrument, especially Islam, which brings a message of peace for the world," said Hassan firmly in the first plenary of the 60th Anniversary AAC at Jakarta Convention Centre (JCC), Wednesday (22/4).

He asserted the need for prompt identification of the causes of youths to join terrorist groups. "The problems of culture and economy that may lead to radical views must be identified," he said.

He added, the problem of social justice should be a main consideration in order that terrorist groups not be allowed to expand their influence. "Financial, political and intelligence support for terrorist groups must be stopped," he said. Hassan labelled armed conflict in Syria and Yemen a common consideration. History shows that military intervention has not been an effective solution to crises experienced by these countries. Conflict resolution or settlement should be conducted through dialogue.

Besides this, Hassan affirmed that the Ten Principles of Bandung, which were first declared 60 years ago, had been an inspiration for Iran in fighting against arrogance. "Economic sanctions toward Iran for its nuclear programme has been a demonstration of hostility and an example of dangerous steps," he said.

The Iranian people were inspired by the first AAC in Bandung in 1955 and by the values of Islam to keep promoting cooperation towards peace. The Ten Principles of Bandung, said Hassan, should be translated into concrete action, thus it will manifest success for the New Asian African Strategic Partnership. "All Asian and African nations should strengthen the spirit of association in facing the rapidly changing world," he said. (Photo: Antara, Editor: Gusti Andry, Translator: Donum Theo)