Migrant workers heading to palm plantations in Malaysia pass through the Nunukan port. (Antara Photo/M Rusman)

Malaysia Deports 183 Illegal Migrant Workers to Indonesia


NOVEMBER 01, 2015

Nunukan, North Kalimantan. Malaysian authorities have deported 183 Indonesian illegal migrant workers via the Tunon Taka Port in Nunukan, North Kalimantan, authorities confirmed on Friday.

The cohort included 126 men, 49 women, five boys and three girls.

The migrant workers, found to be illegally working at a palm oil plantation in Sabah, Malaysia, were detained at the Temporary Detaining Facilities in Tawau and Sandakan for various violations including expired immigration documents, drug use and other crimes.

National Police, military and the Nunukan Immigration officials released drug offenders with a warning.

A drug convict held in Malaysian prisons for 14 months said he and 17 other drug convicts had served their time already.

Data from the Indonesian Workers Protection and Placement Agency (BP3TKI) shows over 4,000 illegal migrant workers have been deported Malaysia via Nunukan by the end of October.

Indonesians living in poverty often go overseas as domestic workers or laborers in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. These workers can earn between Rp 3 million ($217) to Rp 11 million a month, compared to Rp 1 million for the same profession in Indonesia.