Minister Apologizes for System Faults in Electronic ID Card Registration


AUGUST 25, 2016

Jakarta. Home Affairs Minister Tjahjo Kumolo said the government is still perfecting its proprietary system to collect data for electronic ID cards, or e-KTP, leading to delays in registration in some areas.

"Around 20 million residents still don't have a custom identification number, they should go right ahead with registering for the e-KTP," Tjahjo said in Jakarta on Thursday (25/08).

Tjahjo apologized for the fact that registering for the ID card has been much easier in big cities than in regional areas, but insisted that the Sept. 30 deadline for obtaining the card does not need to be extended.

"We're sticking with the same deadline. There's still enough time for everyone to get their card, despite the faults in the system," he said.

No sanction will be imposed on residents who have not acquired the e-KTP by the deadline.

"There's no sanction, but they won't be able to apply for passports or licenses [without the e-KTP]."

Tjahjo admitted the current registration system for the e-KTP is also prone to abuse. Recently 159 forged e-KTPs were found in a bank fraud case.