Police and military in the area have denied the incident. (Antara Photo/Indrayadi TH)

Police Say Report of Tolikara Clash False


APRIL 25, 2016

Jakarta. The National Police on Monday (25/04) denied reports that there has been a fatal clash among locals in Tolikara district in the restive province of Papua dismissing a statement by a local disaster mitigation agency chief as inaccurate.

Tolikara Disaster Mitigation Agency head Feri Kagoya told several media outlets that two people were killed and dozens more were injured following a clash on Sunday between two groups of locals prompted by the April 9 death of a 24-year-old. Almost 100 homes have been damaged Feri said.

But National Police spokesman Brig. Gen. Agus Rianto told reporters on Monday (25/04) that there was no riot in Tolikara on Sunday.

“We have checked with the Papua police and the Tolikara police and both said that the information is not accurate.

Agus said since the April 9 death of Dekimus Wanimbo, which did spark a clash that day, there have been no more incidents in Tolikara.

“Throughout April there were no more riots which resulted in fatalities or injuries. The information obtained by Feri Kogoya is not true and [Feri] said he got the information from someone else. I don't know why Feri spread this information. We will investigate [why],” the police spokesman said.

Earlier Insp. Gen. Paulus Waterpauw, Papua Police chief also dismissed Feri's account.

“I’ve called Tolikara Police chief. He said the situation is safe and there were no incidents like the one reported by the head of Tolikara Disaster Mitigation Agency,” he said.