President to Kick Off Development Projects in Year-End Papua Trip


DECEMBER 25, 2015

Jakarta. President Joko Widodo is scheduled to inaugurate a number of development projects in Papua during his year-end visit to Indonesia’s easternmost region.

The president will be in Papua and West Papua from Dec. 29 to 31, after attending the national Christmas celebration in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara, on Dec. 28.

In Wamena, the seat of Papua’s Jayawijaya district, the president will inaugurate a new office building for the local government, under construction since 2013 at a total cost of Rp 150 billion ($11 million), according to district secretary Yohanes Walilo, as quoted by Antara on Friday.

Joko will also kick off a project to expand Wamena’s airport, which will allow it to accommodate larger aircraft like the Boeing 737. The project is being funded by the central government.

In Merauke, Indonesia’s easternmost city, on the border with Papua New Guinea, Joko is scheduled to attend the inauguration of a 10,000-hectare plantation.

Maj. Gen. Hinsa Siburian, the military commander for Papua, told Antara separately that Joko would spend New Year’s Eve in Waisai, the seat of West Papua’s Raja Ampat district, a world-renowned diving and marine tourism site.