Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton celebrates on the podium after winning the race at the Italian Grand Prix in Circuit of Monza, Monza, Italy, on Sept. 2, 2018. (Reuters Photo/Stefano Rellandini)

See Vettel, Hamilton Compete for Fifth World Title in Luxury Comfort at Singapore GP

SEPTEMBER 04, 2018

Jakarta. Every year, the Formula One championship brings thrills and twists as the world's best drivers compete in 21 Grands Prix all around the world. Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel secured the first win this year at the Australian GP in March. But as the competition rolls out, Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton is holding fast to his world championship with six victories against Vettel's four wins. Hamilton's latest triumph was on Sept. 2 in Monza, Italy, after his dramatic contact with Vettel put the Ferrari racer into a spin.

Hamilton is the second F1 driver to win five Italian Grands Prix after Michael Schumacher.

The Marina Bay Street Circuit is the venue of the 2018 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix. (Photo courtesy of Singapore Grand Prix)

The upcoming 2018 Singapore Grand Prix, where the F1 night race is invented, will see the two rivals fight for points and pave their path to be only the third driver to win five world titles. Both Hamilton and Vettel have won the F1 championship four times. Vettel had four consecutive wins from 2010 to 2013, but he's lost to Hamilton every year since.

Ahead of the 15th race in Singapore, it's worth noting Vettel has had more wins than Hamilton in the twisty Marina Bay Street Circuit. It is also where he got his first Ferrari pole in 2015, which may strengthen his personal attachment to the venue after he suffered a defeat in Ferrari's own backyard on Sunday.

The Singapore venue is known to be demanding for F1 drivers as it is only five kilometers long and has 23 corners, some of which are 90-degree turns. The circuit's layout, designed by American construction company KBR, is said to be more challenging than Monaco's street circuit, which is also located harborside. Throughout the years, the layout has been modified twice. The current layout was revised in 2015.

The humidity of a tropical country and the lack of daylight to help with navigation add to the challenges that these drivers must conquer. Even so, both Vettel and Hamilton have made good lap records in Singapore. Vettel set a qualifying record of 1:39:491 in 2017. In the same year, Hamilton set a lap record of 1:45:008.

With so many reputations at stake in the upcoming race, Singapore is making sure F1 spectators will be able to cheer for their favorite driver or constructor from cozy spots around the circuit. The host country has made it clear that the F1 is their biggest sporting and entertainment event of the year, and they rarely disappoint.

In July, Singapore GP unveiled a fully transformed Sky Suite and a brand new hospitality suite, Twenty3. In total, there are now five hospitality suites at the Marina Bay Street Circuit where the F1 race takes place. Singapore GP Corporate Sales Director Shamini Suppiah said in a release that their experience of hosting the F1 night race in the past ten years highlighted how important comfort is for guests who flock to Singapore every September for the annual spectacle.

"As we embark on a new term with Formula 1, we have to continue to improve the hospitality experience for our guests. Each of our five hospitality options now offers a truly unique race experience that brings guests even closer to the race action," she said.

The following are five venues at the Singapore GP that allow guests to enjoy the race in comfort. All prices are available upon request.

1. Sky Suites

The Sky Suites is a dining facility that includes private viewing balconies to bring guests closer to the game. Fans will still be able to sit and dine from a special, customized menu for the race weekend. This newly revamped establishment offers an access to all zones within the circuit park and entertainment stages in their special F1 package. Their suits are located along vantage points of the Marina Bay Street Circuit that includes the Pit Straight, Turn 1 and Turn 2. The dining menu is a three-parter served for arrival, dinner and supper – free flow champagne, fine wines, spirits, beers and soft drinks included. 

The Formula One Paddock Club. (Photo courtesy of Singapore Grand Prix)

2. The Formula One Paddock Club

Those who prefer to get a closer look at the pit crew and see the finish line should no doubt choose the Formula One Paddock Club. A package to this club includes front row seats in a dedicated grandstand to view the car up-close. There is also a Pit Lane walk for eligible guests to see the cars as they prepare for the race at a designated time. Guests will be served with canapes upon arrival, followed by a four-course dinner prepared by specialty restaurants in Singapore. Free flow champagne and various drinks included.

3. The Green Room

If you want to watch the game in a more relaxed environment, the Green Room package allows guests to access all zones within the circuit and entertainment stages while also offering an air-conditioned suite with a private viewing gallery. Unlike previous establishments, The Green Room has no minimum guests requirement, which may makes it easier for solo travelers who prefer to see the race on their own.

4. Lounge @ Turn 3

See F1 drivers hard at work as they overcome the challenging turns at Marina Bay Street Circuit at the Lounge at Turn 3. This venue is located at the end of the first set of runs, which gives a space for drivers to seize opportunities before braking at 90 kilometers an hour at Turn 3 and go at full pelt down Republic Boulevard. The Lounge offers both air-conditioned and outdoor spaces that include executive restroom facilities.

Twenty3 offers single day tickets for Formula One spectators at Singapore GP. (Photo courtesy of Singapore Grand Prix)

5. Twenty3

This new establishment offers the most attractive package as it is located at the final corner of the circuit, so it allows guests to join the celebrations at the podium and view the fireworks after the race ends. Similar to the Paddock Club, the Twenty3 package also offers transport arrangement, an access to all zones in the circuit and entertainment stages, multiple viewing galleries, specialty restaurants and free flow champagne. The catch is that Twenty3 is the only F1 venue that offers single day tickets, priced from S$955 for access on Friday, Sept 14.