Former Democratic Party Legislator Sutan Bhatoegana Dies

Sutan Bhatoegana during his trial in August 2015 in this file photo. (Antara Photo/Reno Esnir)

By : Vento Saudale | on 6:35 PM November 20, 2016
Category : News, Politics

Bogor. Former Democratic Party legislator Sutan Bhatoegana passed away at the Bogor Medical Center in West Java on Saturday (19/11).

Democratic Party deputy chairman Roy Suryo said he was aware of hoax reports that circulated in social media two days ago, about the politician's death, but as of 08.00 a.m. on Saturday, the news is true.

Sutan, who reportedly suffered from cirrhosis of the liver, is survived by his wife Nunung Rusyanti and three children. He was buried at Giri Tama cemetery in Parung, Bogor district, West Java.

Former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said he mourned Sutan's passing as the person who helped him establish the party about 15 years ago.

"I just came back from Malaysia yesterday afternoon, I planned to visit him [at the hospital], but God has other plans; he has passed away today," Yudhoyono said during a speech at Sutan's funeral.

Sutan, who was an influential figure in the Democratic Party, had been receiving treatment for his condition at the Bogor Medical Center for the past two weeks.

The Jakarta Anti-Corruption Court sentenced him to 10 years in prison in August last year for accepting bribes in exchange for steering lucrative oil and gas contracts to private operators.

The Supreme Court increased his sentence to 12 years after an appeal in September this year.

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