Grand Final Socio Digi Leaders 2016

By : JG | on 11:01 AM October 31, 2016
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PT Telkom Indonesia (Telkom) invites youth to become the future business leaders with digital socially sensitive, creative spirit, and be able to adapt in this era of digitization through organizing creative competitions of Socio Digi Leaders 2016.

In the previous episode series, the Top 20 teams of Socio Digi Leaders who escaped from the selection of the Top 50 have gone through various stages of provisioning of various activities, namely outbound, internship class, Societal Needs Orientation (SNO) and the company visit TelkomGroup.

In episode 5 grand final, the Top 20 will make a final presentation of their creative ideas in front of a jury consisting of the Director of Human Capital Management Telkom Indonesia, Herdy Harman; Chief Executive Officer and chairman of the general E-Commerce Association of Indonesia (IDEA), Aulia Ersyah Marinto; Young Entrepreneur, Billy Boen; and journalist and presenter, rosiana silalahi.

The struggle to become the champion in the event of the Grand Final Socio Digi Leaders is conducted through the presentations in Telkomsel Smart Office, Jakarta. Armed with the insights gained after undergoing internship phase, participants were now more mature and confident in giving a presentation before the jury.

After going through a rigorous judging process, the jurs selected best 10 teams to compete for the Top 3 Leaders Socio Digi 2016. In order to qualify for the big three, the teams will have to go through a question and answer session on social issues and entrepreneurship.

Three winners will receive scholarships, cash as well as tens of millions of flies to Singapore, Hong Kong and the United States. Who are the three teams that will win Socio Digi Leaders 2016? Watch the show in episode 5 Socio Digi Leaders which will also show the appearance of Wizzy and RAN, on Sunday, October 30, 2016 at 16.30 pm only in Kompas TV. Take the quiz also Socio Digi Leaders program and earn prizes with hashtag # FinalSocioDigi2016 mention, for more info check Twitter / Facebook @telkomindonesia.

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