Lippo Cikarang Builds Park for Sukamahi Medical Center

Lippo Cikarang public relations manager Ria Sormin symbolically hands over the park to Central Cikarang head Endin Samsudin. (Photo couresy of Lippo Cikarang)

By : Suksmajati Kumara | on 5:11 PM December 19, 2017
Category : Corporate Updates

Jakarta. Urban developer Lippo Cikarang has built a park for the Sukamahi Public Medical Center in Cikarang, Bekasi, West Java. A symbolic handover was witnessed by Central Cikarang head Endin Samsudin on Wednesday (13/12)

"The construction of this park was part of a corporate social responsibility program," Lippo Cikarang chief executive Toto Bartholomeus said.

Lippo Cikarang has realized many sustainable projects, one of them was a seed nursery at schools to plant 2,000 trees.

The park was built in order to help the medical center that is soon going to be accredited by the government.

"I'm grateful for the care that Lippo Cikarang has given us by building this park," Endin said.

(Photo courtesy of Lippo Cikarang) (Photo courtesy of Lippo Cikarang)

Lippo Cikarang public relations head Ria Sormin said the program was a success and will be continued.

"Hopefully the opening of this park will provide additional comfort and relief to the patients," Ria said.

Lippo Cikarang is a subsidiary of Lippo Karawaci, one of the largest developers in Indonesia.

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