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Mercedes-Benz introduces The New Five Variants of the E-Class models

Corporate Update
July 9, 2015 | 5:32 pm
Photo Courtesy JG/Dandy Roesman
Photo Courtesy JG/Dandy Roesman
Mercedes-Benz introduces The New Five Variants of the E-Class models

Mercedes-Benz Indonesia has always been known for its commitment to introduce innovative products to meet all the needs and lifestyles for its customers in Indonesia. Now, Mercedes-Benz Indonesia officially launched the 5 new cars in the E-Class Family which are: E 400 Estate AMG, E 250 Estate AVA, E 400 Cabrio AMG, E 400 Coupe AMG and E 200 Coupe AMG.

Roelof Lamberts, Sales and Marketing Director for Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars Indonesia said, " E 400 Cabrio AMG, E 400 Coupe AMG and E 200 Coupe AMG carry the features of the latest machines that increases performance with greater energy efficiency and reduce the impact on the environment, This latest three vehicles are adapted to fit modern lifestyle and convince customers to enjoy the experience of driving with comfort. The success of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class has proven to be acceptable by all customers in Indonesia and will make the vehicles as a status symbol of high-class segment that reflects the successful image with premium quality. "

The main features of E 400 Cabrio AMG, E 400 Coupe AMG and E 300 Coupe AMG lies in the optimization of the parking system, which allows the active parking assist technology equipped with PARKTONIC, which will warn if there are obstacles in front or behind the vehicle especially in the parking spaces.

Two other models, namely the E-400 Estate AMG and E 250 Estate AVA are said to promote their safety, comfort and practicality. Various recent innovations are applied in the two vehicles to complement the range of E-Class portfolio in the premium automotive market in Indonesia.

The innovation in the E 400 Estate AMG can be felt through the power sports suspension and Direct-Steer system, which electro-mechanically provide the advantage of fuel-efficiency. For the ultimate comfort, the E 400 Estate AMG offer smart convenience features such as KEYLESS-GO that can easily open and close the door without an electronic key.

In addition, the E 400 Estate AMG and E 250 Estate AVA is also equipped with the ECO start / stop function that has fuel consumption efficiency by automatically switching of the engine when in silent mode.

All these fifth model can be ordered in Mercedes-Benz authorized dealers throughout Indonesia. Here are the price for off the road :

  • E 400 Cabrio AMG Rp 1,409 Billion
  • E 200 Coupe AMG Rp 959 Million
  • E 400 Coupe AMG Rp 1,369 Billion
  • E 400 Estate AMG Rp 1,469 Billion
  • E 250 Estate AVA Rp 1,209 Billion.

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