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By : Press Release | on 1:36 PM March 17, 2015
Category : Corporate Updates

Floods, Garbage, Traffic Violations, Damage Roads, are some of the vital issues of Jakarta, as we often hear complaints from the society, which is usually expressed in social media. In this regard, the Jakarta Provincial Government has officially launched the Jakarta Smart City program since last year, which is expected to improve the performance of the city government officials in response to the massive complaint to the problems of the CSapital.

With the advancement of the digital information technology that is growing rapidly, Jakarta Smart City program can now be accessed by the public through, that focuss on two integrated mobile application, namely QLUE and CROP (Quick Response Public Opinion).

QLUE is a mobile social media application, developed by Indonesia's creativepreneur, as a means to express the grievances or aspirations of the society in real time. QLUE can be downloaded for free at the Google Play Store for Android based phones (the iOS-based is still in development, and will be released this March).

"QLUE allows the the public to submit complaints or problems towards the Capital in the form of photographs, which will then be digitally mapped and automatically integrated with the Jakarta Smart City and also CROP, which is held by the city government officials. Thus, all complaints and reports from the public will be directly recorded and monitored for follow-up process, "said Rama Raditya, CEO of PT Terralogiq, the startup company that developed QLUE application.

PT Terralogiq was established in May 2013, a local company that is highly engaged in the development of information technology, especially in the aspect of Geospatial. Terralogiq is also the sole partner of Google Enterprise in Indonesia, which focused on the manufacturing solutions and innovation of Command Center and also Mobile Workforce System.

"CLUE was born as our concern in the development progress for Jakarta. QLUE users itself has already reached more than 20,000 with number of complaints and reports that actively reach an average of 5,000 per day. Not only in Jakarta, we also hope that all of our Indonesian people will be able to use QLUE to step further into a "smart" society," said Rama.

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