President of RI Joko Widodo Appreciation of SOE Efforts in Building Community Economy in Borobudur Tempafale

The Balkondes visited by the President Jokowi this time is Tuksongo and Wringinputih.

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President of RI Joko Widodo Appreciation of SOE Efforts in Building Community Economy in Borobudur Temple

President of Indonesia Joko Widodo appreciated the active role of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) in promoting economic progress of the community through the development of Village Economic Center (Balkondes). The appreciation was conveyed by President Jokowi through a visit with SOE Minister Rini Soemarno to Balkondes BUMN in 2 villages located in Borobudur Temple Tourism Area, Yogyakarta, Monday (18/9).

The Balkondes visited by the President Jokowi this time is Tuksongo and Wringinputih. Balkondes is one part of the program BUMN Present for the State initiated by the Ministry of SOEs.

Meanwhile, the Minister of SOE Rini M. Soemarno revealed, the concept of establishing Balkondes which is to build a populist economy through the assistance of corporate social responsibility that supports the progress of the tourism sector. "Balkondes was established as a means of economic development of local communities through the development of UMKM activities in the surrounding environment.

On one hand, there is also homestay that can be combined with local art and cultural exploration to support local tourism, "explained Rini. Currently, through the spirit of synergy SOEs Present for the country, SOEs have been able to present 16 Balkondes in 16 Villages of 20 Villages planned in Borobudur District.

Balkondes built by BUMN is entirely handed over to the community as a form of corporate social concern to the people of Indonesia. On his visit at the Balkondes Tuksongo site, President Jokowi was greeted directly by the Borobudur Sub-district and had the opportunity to provide assistance in the form of coffee and clove seeds to 20 Heads of Villages in Borobudur.

Balkondes Tuksongo built by Telkom Indonesia and inaugurated by Minister of SOE Rini M. Soemarno on August 20, 2017, supported by various facilities and integrated services based on digital, ranging from room automation, booking system based online tour to digital cash payment system.

Balkondes Tuksongo is also equipped with digital signage and smart parking facilities. In the future, Balkondes Tuksongo is projected to become Digital Heritage Village, which is a tourist village complex that combines digital technology with the unique rural atmosphere in various cultural activities, arts, UMKM, education, and agro-tourism.

On the next visit, President Jokowi visited Wringinputih built by PT. Pertamina. During the visit, the President also had the opportunity to witness the process of making Jemparing (arrow equipment) by the local community. The President was not reluctant to try the activities of archery that is available in the area of Wringin Putih.

The Balkondes development in the villages around Borobudur Temple is a manifestation of SOE commitment to improve Indonesian tourism as well as developing a populist economy. It is intended to raise the potential of the region and empower the local community, so it is expected to move the economy and improve the welfare of the community through tourism activities around the Borobudur Temple.

Besides being equipped with homestay facilities that allow tourists to stay and enjoy the beautiful countryside environment, Balkondes also has Joglo House facilities and a plaza with amphitheater as a stage of art and cultural performances. There is a house limasan as a display space of the work of SMEs and a small limasan house as a workshop location of the perpetrators of SMEs so that tourists who spend the night in Balkondes can directly interact and enjoy a variety of works of local SMEs and of course the local cuisine.

On the same occasion, besides the President Director of Pertamina and Telkom, the President Director of BUMN-BUMN also participated in building Balkondes, among others BRI (Tanjungsari), BNI (Wanurejo), Mandiri (Kenalan), BTN (Karanganyar), PLN (Ngadiharjo), PP (Bumiharjo), Jasamarga (Majaksingi), PGN (Karangrejo), TWC (Ngaran) and Patra Jasa (Kembanglimus). Through Balkondes, SOEs are also working to improve the capacity and capabilities of local SMEs and to raise the wealth of traditional arts and culture. This is in line with the spirit of the Government to realize economic independence.

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