Pullman Jakarta Central Park Launches Bumi Art

One of the art pieces that will be displayed at the art exhibition titled "Bumi Art"

By : Press Release | on 10:30 AM December 03, 2014
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One of the art pieces that will be displayed at the art exhibition titled "Bumi Art" One of the art pieces that will be displayed at the art exhibition titled "Bumi Art"

Exhibition Pullman Jakarta Central Park launched BUMI art exhibition on Wednesday, 26 November 2014, presenting a new collection of arwork by Indonesian artists, Laksmi Shitaresmi and Anggar Prasetyo. Taking place atCollage Foyer, the exhibition showcases 5 statues and 8 paintings which now opens for public till 6 December 2014.

Bumi (Earth) is the home of The Almighty’s living creation which contains all natural resources including the life of the mankind with its encompassing aspects. Earth continuance depends on the stance and behavior of human beings which lead to earth’s conservation as well as destruction. It will heartily sustain by trustworthy conducts or rapidly perish by irresponsible interventions.


Artwork: Laksmi Shitaresmi Spirit Bumi #1 and #2 Faithfulness is the positive character I admire the most from a dog, said Laksmi Shitaresmi. Herself and all of us are deemed for fidelity and fealty not only for our own better-half and profession but also for our country and nation.

Spirit Bumi #3, #4 and #5 Depicted as the symbol of luck and fortune, this creature gave an inspiration to Laksmi Shitaresmi for her four children and younger generations to conserve the earth’s longevity to harvest a prosperous life.


Anggar Prasetyo Hati yang Membumi #1 and #2 As the earth’s dwellers, human shall own a comprehension that at the end of one’s life everything will be reunited with the land, thus, let all humans take a good care of each other, the environment and all elements encompassing the earth as responsible acts to the Creator.

Kembali pada Bumi #1 and #2 EARTH shape symbolizes human’s sphere of life. There is no provision of the best after death besides being respectful and well behaving to each other and to the earth elements when one is still in existence.

Gugusan Kaldera Indonesia is an archipelago with rows of active and inactive mountains that awards the country with a stunning and dazzling view. The caldera cluster that illustrates as work of art is a unique perfect composition of the universe created by the Almighty.

Kawah yang tenang A quite crater sketches comfort and contentment in contrary to a hot and coarse crater with its red hot lava and steaming volcanic mudflow which about seem to explode and devastate everything around it. When our life is depicted as a quite crater, how calm and peaceful this could be.

Ozon yang terperangkap How to set the depleting ozone free from pollution as a result of human’s oversight relies on the consciousness of human heart.

Jejak – Jejak Polusi Looking through the damaging acts in the environment, especially to the polluted marine life where rivers are piled with litter and oceans are contaminated by wastage and oil tanks leakage, how can we imagine the live of the living creatures are impacted by these irresponsible conducts?

Pullman Jakarta Central Park is looking forward to welcoming everyone to enjoy the exhibition.

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