Sekar Telkom Denies Discrimination Accusations

Sekar Telkom chairman Asep Mulyana, right, YLKI chairman Tulus Abadi and Telkom consumer service director Masud Khamid, participate in a press conference in Jakarta. (Photo courtesy of Telkom)

By : JG | on 2:13 PM April 24, 2018
Category : Advertorial, Corporate Updates

Jakarta. In response to the allegations of discrimination that have emerged against Telkom Indonesia, its employees union, known as Sekar, expressed regret over the spread of fake information, saying that no one knows the company better than its employees.

"At Sekar Telkom we are responsible for maintaining good corporate governance and we do our best to uphold it. The recent allegations against Telkom have been tendentious and false," Sekar chairman Asep Mulyana said on Sunday (22/04).

He added that Sekar Telkom is clear and professional, independent from the company's management. It places itself above company interests and works together with employees to make their voices heard.

"By doing this we aim to keep a level ground as partners and strive to uphold the collective work agreement [PKB] between Sekar and the management to satisfy both parties," Asep said, adding that the company's business management has been done professionally and transparently.

"As an example, upon the interception of Telkom 1 satellite, Sekar was involved in overseeing the recovery efforts and we saw serious and professional efforts from the management to provide information transparently to the public."

The union's chairman also said there has never been any discrimination, be it religious or ethnic. Telkom's corporate responsibility programs all over Indonesia have also been implemented in accordance with the principle of equality.

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