Supporting Generation-Z For Being Part of Indonesia's Century Change Telkom Launches "Democracy of Centennial" Movement

The collaboration of Telkom Indonesia, Melon, and Right Hand together with creators, actors, sponsors, media and a million ideas from the Centennial Indonesia generation, which will produce a masterpiece depicting young people's hopes for the future of Indonesia.

By : JG | on 4:22 PM November 14, 2017
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In order to encourage the development of the ideas of future the generations of Indonesia, particularly the generation of Z, PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) presents the Democracy of Centennial (DoC), a movement that comes with the theme of "A Million Wishes of the Century of Indonesia!" which will collaborate on ideas, creative ideas and poured them into the big screen movie titled "Democracy of Centennial".

"Democracy of Centennial is a movement and a collection of creative ideas of young people about their vision and dreams for Indonesia in the upcoming year 2045. The DoC movement is aimed at the generation-Z, which is considered as a digital generation, open minded and expected to become a leader and change for the future face of Indonesia," said Director of Digital & Strategic Portfolio Telkom David Bangun at the launch of Centennial Movement in Jakarta, last week.

The film production of DoC consists of ideas and story elements which are obtained through crowdsourcing or User Generated Content (UGC). Through this movement, people, especially the younger generation, are challenged to convey their aspirations through ideas about the 100 years of Indonesia. These ideas can be Story Ideas, Artwork / Future Designs, Music, Photography, Fashion Design, Animation, Characters and other ideas in Arts, Fashion, Social and Environmental Sciences, and Information and Technology (IT).

"Generation-Z is a new generation that can bring Indonesia's to be further developed and we believe that the Z generation has ideas, dreams, and hopes for Indonesia." Through this Democracy of Centennial movement, Telkom hopes that the initiative will be a platform for young people to channel innovative ideas and positive aspirations about Indonesia. Furthermore, through the support of experts in the film industry, this will make Democracy of Centennial an extraordinary 'like never before' experience for the participants.

As a representation of the generation-z, the launch of the DoC Movement also introduced talented young musicians such as Alika Islamadina and Vadie Akbar Kalamata as well as the actor Refal Hady as DoC folks. They conveyed their ideas and dreams for a century of Indonesian changes, especially Ideas and dreams for the progress of the Indonesian film and music industry in line with what they are currently doing.

Through this movement, Telkom provides an opportunity for the younger generation to democratize the world of entertainment so that it not only enjoys by mainstream entertainment tastes but is actively part of the film through their ideas and dreams. The Centennial Movement is divided into three stages: Pre-Production Stage (November 10, 2017, to March 2018), Production Stage (March to November 2018) and Post-Production Stage (December 2018).

Anyone can be part of Indonesia's change by uploading creative and innovative ideas to the Uzone site: Ten winners with the best ideas will get prizes in the form of educational scholarships with a total value of hundreds of millions of rupiah and the idea will be aired in the premiere screening of DoC film.

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