Telkom 1 Satellite Recovery: 66% of Banking ATM Services Recovered

Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara (far right) with Telkom President Director Alex J. Sinaga (second from right), Telkom Network & IT Solutions Director Zulhelfi Abidin (far left) and Director of Wholesale & International Service Telkom Abdus Somad Arief (second from left ) while visiting Telkom Crisis Center Satellite Service Recovery 1 in Jakarta, Tuesday (5/9).

By : JG | on 11:00 AM September 07, 2017
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Minister of Communications and Informatics Republic of Indonesia Rudiantara made a visit to TelkomGroup Crisis Center to monitor the development of Telkom 1 Satellite service recovery at Graha Merah Putih, Jakarta, Tuesday (5/9). In this review, Rudiantara directly visits the Crisis Center led by Telkom President Director Alex J. Sinaga.

During his visit, Rudiantara had the opportunity to monitor the progress of service recovery from each region through video conference with a crisis center in several locations including in Cibinong Satellite Main Station (SPU), Ground Station Master Control in Bogor and 7 Regional Telkom Offices.

Rudiantara expressed his appreciation to all Telkom's management and employees who have devoted their energy and mind to restoring Telkom 1 satellite service as a commitment to provide the best service for the customers and the people of Indonesia. "I am grateful to the entire management and personnel of TelkomGroup which for 10 days has successfully recovered 10,000 sites so that in the next five days is expected 5000 other sites can be completed. I believe that Telkom is able to complete the repointing process on schedule, "said Rudiantara.

In an effort to maximize the recovery of customer service and people affected by Telkom Satellite 1 interference, PT Telkom Indonesia (Telkom) continues to mobilize all TelkomGroup personnel and technicians across Indonesia to complete the satellite service recovery process. As of Tuesday (5/9) at 10.00 am, Telkom has restored a total of 7,658 sites out of a total of 11,574 Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) ATM banking sites. In other words, as many as 66% of banking ATM services have functioned normally again.

Previously, on Sunday (3/9), Telkom has completed a 100% repair of broadcaster service site with a total of 355 sites. The realization of customer recovery site until Tuesday (5/9) at 10:00 pm has reached 10,654 sites or 71% of a total of 15,000 sites.

To accelerate the improvement process, Telkom Management ranks intensively to monitor the implementation of antenna repointing for 24 hours x 7 days. With a stable recovery realization rate reaching 1,200 sites per day, Telkom expects to complete the recovery of 15,000 customer service sites up to September 10, 2017.

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